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Do you own a restaurant or other food service business with a need for commercial dishwashing equipment, products, and services? Maybe you’re interested in an alternative to forking out a large investment to buy a new dishwasher. Either way, you’ve come to the right place.

Trio Sales and Leasing is an American-owned and operated company serving the St. Louis area. We specialize in commercial dishwasher service, sales, and leasing for fast-paced restaurants, hotels, hospitals, and banquet centers.

Trio Sales and Leasing Co. Commitments

Trio's Commitment To Complete, Scientific Sanitation

At Trio we are totally committed to complete sanitation in your facility, not only food preparation areas but also dining areas and restrooms. We will provide suggestions for the methods and frequency of cleaning and sanitation in these areas.

Trio's Commitment To Safety For Your Employees

At Trio we provide accurate no touch or limited touch dispensers for our cleaning products to avoid exposure. We also instruct your employees in the proper use of each chemical product and the use of the dispensers provided.

Cleaning Products and Services

If your business has a need for an industrial dishwasher, we can supply the equipment, parts, and supplies you need to keep your dishes clean and sanitized.

Commercial Dishwasher

Trio Sales and Leasing offers a robust commercial dishwasher that meets the rigid specifications for most restaurants. We offer two models to choose from, the ADS Model AF and the ADS Model AS. They are available in new or gently used condition, for purchase or lease.

Both models have similarities and differences. They both are Energy Star rated and save energy by using water temperatures of only 120° and running on 110v 60 cy. They meet the specifications set forth by the National Sanitation Foundation for operation and low bacteria plate count.

Both models are highly efficient, requiring no chemicals to produce clean and clear dishes and glasses. They reduce the cost of plumbing by 75%. They have automatic wash (with auto detergent injection), rinse, and shutoff. Notable differences in each model relate mostly to size and capacity:

industrial dishwasher services

Dishwasher Parts and Service

We provide repair services and replacement parts for the commercial dishwasher models we carry. If your equipment is not functioning properly, it can cause a big problem for your business. We understand that, so we make it a point to get there and fix it as quickly as possible j. Our technicians are trained in diagnosing and resolving any issues promptly to ensure your business can remain operational.

Dishwasher Accessories and Products

We offer optional accessories for the dishwashers, if desired. These add-ons can increase the effectiveness and efficiency of your cleaning equipment. You can also buy cleaning products from us to use in your food service industry. These include industrial-strength dishwashing detergents, rinse agents, de-scalers, sanitizers, and more.

Commercial Laundry Services

Trio Sales and Leasing also provides professional laundry services for nursing homes and daycare facilities. We offer customized plans to meet the demands of the high volume of lines, towels, and scrubs produced by these facilities.

Our personalized laundry services include pickup and delivery on a schedule that will meet your needs and preferences. Give us your dirty stuff and we’ll bring it back to you clean, fresh, deodorized, and sanitized. Our turnaround is usually 24 hours, 7 days a week.

Get Clean Dishes and Laundry

When you lease a commercial dishwasher through Trio Sales and Leasing, you can be confident you’ll have a piece of equipment that will be fully functional and highly efficient. Unlike other equipment rental companies, we furnish all cleaning supplies, and labor and parts are included for installation and repairs.

Choose our personalized laundry service for your daycare or nursing home for the peace of mind knowing your lines and scrubs are clean and sanitary. We can customize a plan to fit your specifications.

Give us a call today to learn how you can get the dishwasher your restaurant needs now without the large investment of purchasing one. We offer flexible leasing plans to satisfy your budget and specifications.