Commercial Dishwasher Sales & Leasing

If you own or manage a restaurant, catering business, cafeteria, hotel, or any commercial entity that serves food, you need a reliable and effective dishwasher. Trio Sales & Leasing can provide you with a robust dishwasher that meets the rigid specifications for most commercial food establishments.

Energy-Efficient Dishwashers

You can choose from two models, the ADS Model AF and the ADS Model AS. The main difference between the two models is the size and capacity. Both are available to buy or lease in new or gently used condition.

Both models meet the Energy Star specifications for energy savings and efficiency. They reduce plumbing costs by up to 75%. Energy consumption is decreased by using water temperatures of only 120° and running on 110v 60 cy.

Neither requires the use of chemicals to achieve the highest level of cleaning. Both comply with specifications outlined by the National Sanitation Foundation for low bacteria plate count.

Buy or Lease Options

Are you looking to replace your old, worn-out dishwasher? Or are you just starting out and need a dishwasher quick? Since we offer the opportunity to buy or lease your dishwasher, you can choose which suits your needs best.

If you choose to purchase a dishwasher from us, you have the option of buying a brand-new machine, or one that’s been gently used. If you are looking for a long-term solution, you can’t go wrong with the brand-new model. You’ll have a warranty as insurance in case anything goes wrong.

However, if you want a less expensive solution, you can get a good deal with one of our used models. They have been serviced and certified totally operational with no issues. You can save some money by choosing to go this route.

If you are just starting out or lack ready cash to lay out for such a large purchase, you have the option of leasing one of our commercial dishwashers. This is a viable alternative to shelling out a large sum of money to purchase the machine. You can budget your monthly lease payments and remain operational.

Dishwasher Products and Services

Trio Sales & Leasing can supply you with all the cleaning products you need for your dishwasher at wholesale prices. We carry all solvents and cleaning agents needed to produce clean and clear dishes, glasses, and utensils.

We also service commercial dishwashers. If your machine is not functioning right, give us a call and we’ll schedule a service call. We’ll diagnose the problem, advise you on our findings, and make repairs, if you choose.

In Business Since 1968

If you want to do business with a local company with decades of experience in providing commercial dishwashers, go with Trio Sales & Leasing. We specialize in commercial dishwasher service, sales, and leasing.

Whether you own or manage a hotel, fast-paced restaurant, hospital, or any business with a need for a commercial dishwasher, Trio Sales & Leasing can handle all of your dishwasher needs. 

We’re American-owned and operated, and conveniently located in Fenton, Missouri. Contact us today for a consultation.